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KIAM Preprint № 3, Moscow, 2016
Authors: Baluta V. I., Yakovenko O.Yu.
Formalization of the description of the complex behavior of objects in tasks of simulation of physical security systems
The work is devoted to questions of simulation modeling of interaction conflict systems. The ways of formalizing the description of models of objects with complex behavior, based on an aggregate approach. Under the complex behavior we understand to the need for the choice of specific actions to change the state of an object based on its internal model of the current situation. Driving the decision to change the state of an object includes the recognition of the situation and the development of alternative targets, the target resolution of contradictions, planning further action. Decomposition and ways of formalizing the processes of step modeling decision-making objects with complex behavior to determine their trajectories in the phase space are proposed. Representation of objects in the form of successive synthesis of structures of the constituents is introduced. It is shown how to deal with the complexity of the object decrease in the number of degrees of freedom of its constituent elements. Examples of application of the proposed instruments in the different conditions of tasks are described in detail
simulation modeling, complex behavior, a system, an aggregate, an element, development goals, decision-making
Publication language: russian, pages: 32
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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