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KIAM Preprint  127, Moscow, 2016
Authors: Kolesnichenko E.Y., Pavlovsky V. E., Gribkov D.A., Orlov I.A., Aliseychik A.P.
Kinematic motion control of six-wheeled mecanum-robot
The work considers a theoretical model of the multi-wheel mobile robot on mecanum-wheels. It also briefly discusses the hardware implementation. The main purpose of the work is synthesis of controlled machine movement along the curved trajectories. Mecanum-wheels (wheels with a series of rollers attached to their circumference that can move a vehicle in any direction) simplify the kinematic scheme of the machine because the vehicle doesnt need sophisticated steering mechanisms and drives. The vehicle fully preserves the control possibilities for curvilinear motion. This work shows ways of the machine control for different trajectories.
mecanum-wheel, six-wheeled robot, motion along curved trajectories, spline interpolation
Publication language: russian, pages: 26
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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