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KIAM Preprint № 100, Moscow, 2015
Authors: Dolgoleva G.V.
The influence of the transport of fast charged particles in burning fusion targets
For an adequate description of the physics of laser plasma it is necessary to consider a large number of physical processes. One of them is the transfer of energy of a fast particle products of thermonuclear reactions. The problem of the birth and transfer of the charged particles resulting from fusion reactions in a burning deuterium-tritium plasma, is very significant. It is important to reflect in the model, where and how charged particles give up their energy, i.e. to calculate the non-stationary transfer of energy of the fast charged particles. The paper presents a model calculation of the transport of α-particles, we numerically investigate the influence of this process on the parameters of the target.
laser plasma, charged particles, energy transfer
Publication language: russian, pages: 12
Research direction:
Mathematical problems and theory of numerical methods
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