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KIAM Preprint № 49, Moscow, 2013
Authors: Ginzburg S. L., Dyachenko V. F., Imshennik V. S.
Generation of high-energy protons in 3D-model of interaction between powerful laser radiation with plasma supercritical (solid-state) density
In a three-dimensional (3D) model of interaction of powerful electromagnetic field with a supercritical plasma density by numerical solution of the equations of Maxwell - Vlasov received effect of the generation of high-energy protons for the first time opening in experiments in 2000 on the Petawatt laser Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA).
Maxwell, Vlasov, electromagnetic field, laser radiation, high energy protons, relativistic electrons
Publication language: russian, pages: 30
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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