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KIAM Preprint  41, Moscow, 2009
Authors: Mirer S. A., Prilepsky I.V.
Modeling of Dynamics of a Small Satellite Mockup on a Laboratory Facility
In the paper, the mathematic model of a satellite mockup with magnetic attitude control system on a laboratory facility (consisting of a string suspension and an imitator of the Earths magnetic field) is suggested. The results of numerical investigation of the systems dynamics are discussed. The comparison of efficiency of some algorithms for nutational oscillations damping is carried out. The dependence of efficiency on several parameters of the facility, the mockup, and the algorithms is studied. It is shown that the inertial characteristics of the mockup and the displacement of the centre of mass relative to the suspension point are the main factors influencing the efficiency.
laboratory facility, string suspension, satellite mockup, magnetic attitude control, control algorithms, modeling of dynamics
Publication language: russian, pages: 28
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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